Welcome to my blog.

I have always had a love of art, when I was at school I wanted to be a fashion designer but then life took over, as it does. I raised a family and took on various jobs until I was in my late thirties then I decided to take an art course. Why I’m  not really sure, I had no plan in mind at the time, I’d  just decided that since my family was now all grown up I could do something for myself. That art course led to a BA Hons in Fine Art and then an MA in Feminism and the Visual Arts, after which I took up my camera and for a while everything was rosy. I was working as a Music Photographer and loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately life got in the way again, I became very ill and could no longer work. I won’t bore you with the details, that’s a different blog entirely. Suffice to say my life changed enormously and rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself I had to find something I could do that was within my now much limited capabilities. Two years ago my son bought me a sewing machine for christmas and my love of sewing was born. I started making my own clothes almost straight away, I’ve never been a follower of fashion so it was only natural that I designed my own. I scoured the internet reading everything I could on how to design and make your own clothes, I made a lot of mistakes but my confidence has grown to the point where I am ready to share my sewing journey with you.

I don’t  only design and make clothing however, as I have said I have a Fine Art background and to be able to feed that creative part of myself I am also learning quilting, weaving, printing and many other aspects of the textile world. I am currently working on an art quilt as well as more traditional quilts. So to say this is just a sewing blog wouldn’t really describe all the crafts I turn my hand to and I hope you will enjoy reading about what I make as much as I enjoy creating beautiful things.